Monday, June 2, 2014

Nolan's Pirate Party / My Party Planning Secrets

Ahoy Mates!
Over the weekend, we had a most anticipated party of the year. Nolan's Pirate Birthday Party. I have been planning this for over a year. I think it was a huge success, it was so fun! And most importantly, Nolan had a blast! He is such a spoiled little buccaneer. Today, I am going to share some of my party planning tips and secrets, to a grand party celebration splurge, on a very small budget.

First of all, I like to plan the theme a year in advance, since my toddler loves a lot of things, it's easy for us to pick out a theme, and keep him interested in that theme. This makes it easier to shop for the specific theme.
 I plan all my birthday parties a year in advance. How do I manage to pull everything off on a tight and strict budget? Easy, I start purchasing throughout the year, anything on clearance, dollar rack, store, etc. it's all I ever purchase. It would appear as though I have money to spare and splurge, honestly I don't.
 For example, invitations such as these would cost me about 3 dollars each to purchase at the craft store, in mini. I made them for about 0.75 cents a piece. Soda bottles, free, I saved them from soda we got months and months ago! I just bought the corks, with a coupon from the craft store they ended up being about 0.25 cents each. I printed invites at the paper store, 0.50 cents each, more than I wanted to spend, but had to splurge for the color. Not to mention my hubs company discount also helped (unless your printer is up and running, unlike mine)
I absolutely love the way they turned out!

All décor you see here, purchased months in advance, the most expensive thing here is the cool Ship steering wheel, about $4 at the party store.
Cute favor bags, bought months in advance.
(Originally wanted to do wooden treasure chests for each of the kids, but the list kept growing and growing, at $1 each, not too bad, perhaps I would have done it, if I didn't have 25+ kids coming.)
Pyrat Rum labels, FREE! Click here for the website. I modified the labels just a little bit. Straws on sale at Craft store, last year!
This year I decided to have a mini candy buffet.
Again, these are the same labels used for the rum, tweaked by me.
My mother went all out, and made us a Pirate Ship.
Didn't she do a great job?
Love the toothpick swords, fits the theme so well! As usual, she doesn't ever forget the details.
I just had to have these jello treats.
The kids loved them, the jello was so yummy!
Printed these little skull figures from the same website above, and tweaked them.
Ok, super cool cupcakes!
Doesn't it look like booty buried in mud?
Desserts, compliments of Debbie.
(Cool Desert décor, compliments of Nolan)
Ding Dong Cake, my mother-in-law's specialty. Again, super simple, but just right!
Love the way these cupcakes turned out!
A table for the children, eye patches and all!
Got these super adorable table clothes on sale, at Target, from last years collection. Dirt Cheap, no joke!
And of course, a ship-wreck Piñata!
This was seriously the biggest Piñata I have ever seen.
(Mexican Store)
FYI: if when looking for a piñata for your party, as you may know, the price tag is on the high end when you go to your local department stores, so don't be afraid to check your local Mexican store, the piñatas there are more traditional, and bigger, and half the price you would pay at the department store.
This year we decided to fill up with Toys, got a bunch of Pirate theme toys at the dollar store, yo ho ho! The kids were so surprised.
We even had a Tattoo Parlor for the kids
(A lot of these signs, I created myself, than printed for a pretty penny, and discount).
Compliments of the cool Jolley Roger Tattoo Artists,
A special thanks to Heidi and Ryan
Pirates only! All others had to walk the plank...above Shark infested Waters...
(Seriously all dollar store for the plank supplies, except the plank, old neighbors picket fence spare)

Thank you for all the cool gifts!
If you want to throw a big birthday party, but don't want to spend the money, just remember, plan a year in advance, throughout the year, shop, shop shop! Get everything on sale, clearance, dollar, last years collections, don't buy all at once, so you don't feel it too rough on your pocketbook. Also, set a budget, and stick to it! Our budget for everything, food included, was less than $200.00. Stick to the plan, and be ready to DIY. A lot of this stuff took a lot of mind planning, but also a lot of labor of love. If you enjoy doing it all, or have a strict budget, prepare to do it yourself a lot, and don't forget to have lots of patience.
Well, that's all for today, I hope you all took a little something from my little secrets to creating a successful theme birthday party on a budget.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

DIY: Pail turned Basket in 15 minutes

Hi all! Today I want to share the easiest project of my life yet!

So for Mother's day my hubs gave me the most beautiful Calla Lilly Pot. Honestly I didn't have a pot to put it in, and I didn't want to keep it in a paper pot. So I went shopping in my garage, and I found this cool looking metal pail, just the perfect size for my project. Now, as you may know, natural and simple is the way to go, to create a charming and classic look in your home. So I had been scheming this project for a while, the time just never came.

photo 1
 I already had the rope. Wanted to give it the basket effect.

photo 3

So than I proceeded to take off the handle, piece of cake!

photo 4

 I tried this crazy glue the EZ6000, that didn't do anything, but made me paranoid about the strong smell, nearly got high off this. So I decided to go back to my trustee ol hot glue gun, I didn't think it would work, but to my surprised it was exactly what I needed.

photo 1 (1)

Nearly finished! Doesn't it look like basket weave? sort of?

photo 3 (1)

And for the finishing touch, I cut two identical sizes, for the decorative handles.
photo 2 (1)

photo 5 (1)

And the finished product! Seriously it only took 15 minutes.


I just love how it looks like a little basket. It looks so organic.



What do you think?


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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Some Updates in La Casa

While I stopped blogging over the past few months, we managed to update some of the furniture we were dying to update. It wasn't quick or a cheap update.
Keep in mind, when you are looking to update a room, only invest in the big stuff, sofas, beds, tables. Quick updates that can give a room a dramatic change of look is all cosmetic, that's where the styling comes in with throws, pillows, art, lamps, décor etc.
Keep the big ticket items Neutral, for us Gray is our new neutral.
Remember our old couch? Hence our first couch ever! We got it at this cool outlet in Texarkana 2010.  T'was lovely, and comfy, but we wanted something more neutral and a little more modern.  
We also wanted a couch with a chaise...took us 1 year to finally find the perfect piece that fit our budget.
We absolutely love this piece! We got it at the furniture store where Aaron used to work (got it with his discount, days before his last day.)
The living room isn't decorated right now, keeping it clean trying to decide how I am going to tackle this baby.
Also here is our old dining table and chairs.
 So far, we got new chairs. I am cooking up a project on how to re do the table, I love the size and the shape. This is one is a keeper.
I am still working on the dining room, I am currently, or have been looking for art for years now, I am so picky, so picky that I still haven't bought anything for my walls, that's why they're all naked.
I love these chairs though, I originally planned on white seat covers ( IKEA) , but decided the gray was more kid friendly, plus it transitions well from the living room unto the dining room. The black chairs ( IKEA) I fell in love with before I chose the chairs with covers, they are so unique! I love the Euro vibe it gives the room. Eclectic? I think yes!

This is what the dining room will eventually wear!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Organization: J'Adore Jewelery

Hello again!!!

I know...I know... I have completely neglected all of my friends! Please forgive, there are so many things that have been going on, it's no excuse to just leave you out of the blue. I was promoted at work, and a crazy little Toddler, some health issues, had a little scare last month. I guess you can say, life got in the way of my blogging. I love to blog, and to share all of my projects, having people stop by to admire my work, truly makes me love and motivates me to keep doing it. I truly appreciate all of the support I receive from everyone that follows. Well, that being said, now that I have come back again, for the third time (embarrassing) I have some projects I would like to share with you.  

Now that spring is the air...literally! I have been itching to compliment my makeup station, the one I shared a while back? with my new Jewelry Station.


Lately I have been obsessed with Acrylic organizers, why not?  Obsession Alert! They're fun and chic and see through (what better way to display treasures?) girly, glamarous and timeless! I love them!

See what I mean?

Aren't these bowls lovely? Got em at Anthropologie, and the fish too!
I love jewelry, and honestly I used to collect and never wear. Why? Because I never used to see it. Now that it's on display, I know what I have, and I wear what I want.
I cannot get enough of the pull out drawers!
I love how colorful it looks. So cheeky!
Doesn't it compliment the makeup just fabulous?
Talk about Beauty Stations, this one is my absolute favorite!

What do you think?
Thank you so much for paying a visit. Now go and glam up your jewels!